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Alex Wiertelarz


Alex Wiertelarz set up Bilocated in January 2010.

“The idea for the business came about when I was studying for my MA in the evenings and weekends, doing my internship 3 times a week at the British Film Institute and working the other 2 days at a headhunting company. I often wondered how on earth I could be in 2 places at the same moment, when I virtually had no free time. There was always something to be done at home, like letting the gas engineers in to fix our faulty boiler, deal with broadband people or spend hours on the phone to phone or electricity provider. Although I realised there were similar companies already existing on the market, they seemed to cater only for the top-end earners, whereas I was very well aware that also those with average income need as much help in managing their time.”

“My personal interests entwine with my professional life as I constantly work on improving my skills. Recently I obtained an Advanced Wine and Spirit Diploma as well as progressing my French studies at the Advanced Intermediate Level. I also enjoy the London restaurant and bar scene so I can advise well on the most appropriate places to go to, both without breaking the bank and when budget is not an issue.”

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